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Royal Laundry Records

Cleaning Up the Music Industry, One Album at a Time

Laundry Records is a record label that began in 2000. We believe that music is a powerful medium, and we strive to create a lasting impact with each project we release. We’re driven by our passion for music and the desire to create art that lasts for all eternity. 

Our artists are listed below. Click on the links to listen to the music.

Keep scrolling to discover the artists who embody the musical ethos and culture of Royal Laundry Records.


Company of Saints

Company of Saints is a husband and wife duo, Mark and Julia Palmer, who create uplifting and inspirational Christian electronic music. They are passionate about creating a sound that is both modern and unique,

Through their music, they strive to communicate the love of Jesus to the world. Their hope is that their songs will bring joy to those who listen and provide a source of comfort and inspiration. Listen to Company of Saints and experience the power of the Gospel through music.


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 Alternative Rock

Starrify is a solo project by Mark Palmer, a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. His music is heavily influenced by 90’s alternative rock, and he strives to create meaningful music that will resonate with his listeners.


On his journey, Mark has also worked with some of the best sound engineers in the industry, which has helped him refine his sound to something truly special. From gritty rock riffs to heartfelt lyrics, Mark is sure to bring a unique and memorable sound to your ears. So come join us and experience the magic of Starrify.


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The City and the Sea

Alternative Folk 

The City and the Sea is a solo project from Julia Palmer, a musician, songwriter and vocalist. Drawing from her faith in God and the beauty of nature, Julia’s voice and guitar play are skillfully woven together to create an atmosphere of reflection and hope that speaks to the soul.


Deeply rooted in her faith, her music is full of emotion and grace, blending elements of folk, pop and rock to create a unique and captivating sound. Visit The City and the Sea to experience Julia's music and find a sense of peace.

NIGHT AND DAY by The City and the Sea

NIGHT AND DAY by The City and the Sea

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